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Like a fairytale

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Norway attracted me mainly because of its beautiful nature, and we actually found it here. Scandinavia is very far from Czech Republic, so our adventure starts on the road to Sognefjord.

It begins in friday night, 9 hour travel by car to Germany is front of us. There are many ways to get Norway. First way is through Germany, Denmark, cross the bridges to Sweden and there you go to Norway. But this way is very expensive. It doesn’t cost just money, but time and nerves. Cross danish bridges cost €82, but danish highway constructors are idiots. Every motorway exit has traffic lights, so you stack in traffic jam everywhere. Second and best way is jump on the ferry in Travemünde, Rostock or Sassnitz in Germany and swing on the luxury boats just for €150. You save time, nerves and mainly fuel money, because you refuel in Germany where is fuel cheaper than swedish. We was lucky so we get to Travemünde on time, and stoke our cars on ferry.

Sweden is clean and beautiful country. On highways you met just BMW, Mercedes, Volvo or brightened american classics. After very long day we stopped in camp Marias. Everybody say to you: “Don’t go to Norway or Sweeden, there is everything expensive”. I can told so about some things, but accommodation in camps is quite cheap. We had to buy some member card which is proved as nonsense. So I used it as a beer mat. We slept 4 people together in tent so 430 SEK per tent/night was nice.

When I was finding informations about Norway I was scared by their customs regulations at borders. We expected regular border control with hats and big guns. So we took exactly allowed amount of alcohol. But it was funny what we actually found on borders. There was just a speed limit and Welcome in Norway sign. Everyone will scare you, but you can take everything you want. There will be noone to check you. We didn’t met a police officer in Norway.

We found a perfect camp Ekeberg in Oslo. The only option how to get to city center is old way, on foot. There are some transfers, but it cost 80 NOK and it’s just overpriced. Oslo is a city like any others. There is train station, streets and overpriced public toilets. Very interesting building in Oslo is opera house.

Next afternoon we finaly get Sognefjord. The big unknown was camping in nature, outside camps. It’s allowed in Norway, but we didn’t know how much realistic. First misleading advertising was Street View by Google, where the nature looks beautiful. I was excited to build tents here. But in real there was just a swamp full of cows and sheep. Temperature peaked about 12°C and my Converse shoes didn’t make it more than half an hour. But there was nothing to break us, nature looks like from another world, wild and beautiful. It’s time for waterproof jacket and warm shoes. After few more kilometers we cheched in the Fjellheim camp near the city of Vik. In that wheater we was alone here. Even most lowend camps has warm showers, cookers and washing mashines. In some camps you have to pay for showers, but we were lucky.

The area of Sognefjord is full of points of interest. Breathtaking places. The Fjord, Hopperstad Church or the Kjosfossen waterfall, to which we are headed. Originally we had a plan reach the city of Flam and go on foot to waterfall. But the wheater brokes us and we went by cars. However road ended 7 kilometers before our destination, so we had to go on foot despite. On the road were goats and lot of waterfalls. Reach our destination took 2 hours. Back to car took half an hour less. Mountain peak decorates nice hotel with norwegian prices. Small beer cost 45 NOK, big one cost 70 NOK.


Essential equipment to Norway is light waterproof jacket, waterproof shoes and functional clothing. I’m not a real backpacker, but this time I made exception and didn’t regred it. Without jacket and shoes I would be lost. Prices depends on how your currency is strong, but Norway is one of the most expensive country in the world. Very interesting are self-service camps. In the camp fill out questions form, put money to the envelope and build your tent. One of great self-service camps is Liodden.

If you go to Norway, fishing rod is a must have. We didn’t catch anything with our toy rod, but if you are lucky and patient, you would catch something.

Norway is very beautiful country with green fjords and very kind people.

Prices in Norway

Loaf of bread: 20 NOK

Butter: 20 NOK

1,5L bottle of water: 10 NOK

Beer in shop: 20 NOK

Beer in pub: 70 NOK

Corn: 16 NOK

Sousages: 50 NOK

Ribbs: 50 NOK

2L juice: 20 NOK

One day ticket in Oslo: 80 NOK

Toll road through Oslo: 50 NOK

Public toilets in Oslo: 10 NOK

Bridges in Denmark: €82

Attractions in Norway: 150 NOK and more

Camps in Norway: 250 NOK/tent

Ferry Germany – Sweden: €150



  1. Hi,

    We’ll go hiking in Norway in August (12′th – 29 th) and I get excited by reading this post and see the beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for posting recent prices.

    We’ll take the maximum Belgian beer on the ferry and try to change them in Norway for other stuff (food, camping fee,…)

    Greets Hedwig (Belgium)

    • Have a nice trip!

      What I would give for a Belgian beer :) I love it.

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